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Hi, please do you help with questions of Python? If so, I need help with the following:Write a program to:For loop print 1 to 25For loop print “A” to “Z”For loop print “a” to “z”Thank you.


Hi, please do you help with questions of Python? If so, I need help with the following:

Write a program to:

  • For loop print 1 to 25
  • For loop print “A” to “Z”
  • For loop print “a” to “z”

Thank you.

Step 1

Program Instructions:

  • Use range() to print from 1 to 25.
  • Use end in print() function to print the values separated by space.
  • Use ord() to provide the Unicode of the character.
  • Use chr() to convert the integer value into character.
Step 2


# to print 1 to 25

# end is used to end the each iteration with space instead of new line

for i in range(1,26):

  print(i,end =" ")

# print new line


# to print a to z

for i in range(ord('a'), ord('z')+1):

    print(chr(i),end =" ")

#  or use this:

#for i in range(97,123):

#    print(chr(i),e...

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