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How do you calculate the wavelength of the light emitted by a hydrogen atom during a transition of its electron from the n = 5 to the n = 1 principal energy level


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Step 1


Higher energy state (ni) = 5.

Lower energy state (nf) = 1.

Step 2

Rydberg equation is given by:


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1 1 1.09677 x 107 2 1 m 2

Step 3

Calculation for w...


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1 1 1.09677 x 107 \nf 1 1 1.09677 X 107 1 m 1 12 52, 1 1 1.09677 x 107 x 0.96 m 1 1 = 10.529 x 106 m1 1 λ- 10.529 x 106 m-1 94.98 x 109 m = 94.98 nm.


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