how do you determine coterminals?

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Q: Seeing that the cosine is positive and the tangent is negative, in which quadrant must theta lie? Fi...

A: Here given the value of cos θ and we ned to find the value of tan θ. It is mentioned that tan θ is n...

Q: Using Calculus, it can be shown that the arctangent function can be approximated by the polynomial b...

A: As per norms, the first three parts of the questin are answered, ((c) consists of two questions) To ...

Q: 6 sin(x) + 2 cos(x) = 0

A: We are given trigonometric equation as 

Q: How do I express radian decimals in terms of pi???

A: We have,π radians = 180 degree1 radian = 180/π degreeThis is the way of converting angles from radia...

Q: Write the following numbers in the polar form reiθ 0≤θ<2π . a.) 1/9 b.) 6+6i c.) -4+4i *PHOTO INC...

A: Formula used:The given formulas are used to obatin the polar form.

Q: identity to solve the following equation on the interval [0,2m) Use an sin 2x -3 cos x C.

A: The equation is given by

Q: tanx/1+secx+1+secx/tanx=2cscx

A: Given,  

Q: An isosceles triangle is a triangle in which two sides are equal in length. The angle between the tw...

A: Known fact:If two sides of any triangle is equal, then their opposite angles are also equal.The sum ...

Q: Find the exact value

A: Obtain the exact value of the given expression as follows.

Q: Can you explain me step by step on how to solve this?

A: For the given angles we need to find the least positive measure that is coterminal.Given angle is -5...

Q: without using the calculator evaluate : sin ϴ, cos ϴ, tan ϴ of  a) 450° b) 10pi/3

A: Calculation:a)Compute the value of sin (450°) as follows.

Q: If triangle ABC, a = 10, b = 10, and c = 40 degree. what is the value of c?

A: Given the sides of the triangle a = 10, b = 10 and angle C = 40°.

Q: Please explain the solution in a clear manner, step by step.

A: To calculate the required angles and the sides to the desired accuracy , using trigonometry

Q: Find the exact value

A: Given information:The given expression is .

Q: Question in the file attached

A: using half -angle formula with proper sign attached.( taking into account the quadrant )

Q: Please explain the solution in a clear manner, step by step.

A: We have to find height of regular hexagon with given information.Information is given below:

Q: simplify-cos01+cose 1+cose 4cof 1 cose

A: Given, 

Q: 9. Find the maximum and minimum values of the following curve:

A: To find the maximum and minimum values of the given curve, first we find the critical points.To find...

Q: 8. -/1 points OSCAT1 7.1.034. Convert the angle in degrees to radians. 100° radians 9 1 points OSCAT...

A: We know that,

Q: What is sec^2 81degrees - tan^2 81degrees

A: Formula used:Since  

Q: Use an identity to write the expression as a single trigonometric function or as a single number 4 s...

A: To express the given product of trigonometric functions as a single (simpler) function

Q: Solve the equation on the interval [0,2m) 3 sin (20) 2

A: We are given  trigonometric equation as 

Q: A baseball leaves the bat an an angle of theta with the horizontal and an inital velocity of v = 100...

A: According to the question, a baseball leaves the bat an an angle of theta with the horizontal and an...

Q: Ferris Wheels A neighborhood carnival has a Ferris wheelwhose radius is 30 feet.You measure the time...

A: To calculate the linear and the angular speeds of the given motion

Q: On a circle of radius 10 feet, what angle would subtend an arc of length 5 feet?

A: Formula used: 

Q: sin(t)-cos(t)=cot(t)

A: Given problem is sin(t)-cos(t)=cot(t)

Q: Sin theta= 0.52991926Instructions are on the image*Find the 2 angles in the interval [0 degrees, 360...

A: First we take sine inverse on both sides and with the use of calculator, we find the value of theta.

Q: Convert the Cartesian coordinate (6,-5) to polar coordinates, 0≤θ<2π. r = (enter exact value) the...

A: Let (x, y) is a Cartesian coordinate.The relation between Cartesian coordinates and polar coordinate...

Q: 3) An airplane is sighted at the same time by two ground observers who are 5 miles apart 3 and both ...

A: Consider the larger base is x miles to the west of a point down the plane and the observer is 5 mile...

Q: It’s a review question.

A: We have to find distance between  two  points where points is given by

Q: How to graph y=tan(4x) step by step?

A: The standard form of a tangent function is,

Q: The question asks to solve the right triangle, and im having difficulty doing so.

A: Please follow the steps as on the board : 

Q: Find the amplitude, period and frequency of the simple harmonic motion of a particle moving uniforml...

A: We are given that a particle is moving uniformly around a circle of radius 3 units, with angular spe...

Q: Use fundamental identities to simplify the expression  cosx-cosx sin^2 x

A: We have to simplify the expression.Expression is given below:

Q: Graph the function y= 1/3 cos (3x).

A: Now taking different different value of x and evaluate y, we getWhen x = 0, y = 0.333 

Q: Find the exact value

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Perform the indicated operation and simplify the result. tan x(cscx- cotx) The answer is

A: Given : 

Q: graph  y = 2cos (x + pi)

A: Consider the function y=2cos(x+π).Compute the values of y for various values of x as follows.

Q: If two angles of a triangle have radian measures9π and 38π , find the radian measure of the thirdang...

A: The sum of 3 angles of a triangle=piLet the third angle be x.

Q: Part (a) and part (b)

A: Given values of the trigonometric ratios are 

Q: .-) oketen a graph of p(x) =-21x-11 + 4 2 12 6-5 -4 -3-21 1 2 3 456 2 4 0-3 5 6 7. Given f (x) x24, ...

A: As per norms, the three subparts a, b and c are answered. Questions regarding the functions f , g an...