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How many atoms of gallium are present in a sample that contains 75.1 grams of gallium?
The molar mass of gallium is 69.72 g/mol
6.49×1023 atoms
2.35×1071 atoms
75.1 atoms
6.99×1023 atoms
5.59×1023 atoms

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Step 1

Number of atoms can be determined by multiplying the number of moles with Avogadro number.  For that number of moles has to be found.


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Given mass Numberof molesMolar mass Given, Mass of galliumpresentin the sample-75.1g Molarmassof gallium=69.72g/mol 75.1g Number of moles 69.72g/moi1.077 mol

Step 2

Therefore number of a...


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Numberof atoms=number of molesxavagadronumber =1.077 x6.022x1023 6.4858x10 atoms


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