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How many cations are there in 50.0 g of sodium phosphate?


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Step 1


Mass of compound = 50.0 g.

Formula of sodium phosphate is Na3PO4.

Molar mass of Na3PO4 = 164 g/mol.

Step 2

Calculation for number moles of Na3PO4:


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Mass Number of moles = Molar mass 50.0 g Number of moles 164 g/mol Number of moles 0.305 moles.

Step 3

1 mole of Na3PO4 contains 3 moles of Na+.

Number of moles of Na+ = 3 x 0.305 moles = 0.915 moles...


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6.023 1023 ions. 1 mole of Na 0.915 moles of Na x ions 0.915 moles of Nat x 6.023 x 1023 ions х- 1 mole f Nat x 5.511 x 1023 Nations


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