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How much energy needs to be added in the form of heat to turn a 50 kg block of ice at -20 deg C into steam at 135 deg C? 
Lf=333 kJ/kg
Lv=2256 kJ/kg Cice=2.108 kJ/KgdegC Cwater=4.187 kJ/kgdegC Csteam=1.996kJ/kgdegC


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Step 1

We know:


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Heat required to raise the temperature of ice from - 20° C to 0°C or.Q m C(0-(-20)) ice Q2= Heat required to melt the ice or.O2 m L Qs Heat required to raise the temperature of water to 100° C or, m Cater(100 0) Q4 Heat required to vaporise water or,Q m L Qs Heat required to raise the temperature of steam from 100°c to 135°C or, Os m Cem (135-100) steam

Step 2

Total energy in the form...


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Thus, the total heat, in joules Q + or, Q m C20 m L +m Ctr100m L, m Cr35 ice steam or, Q m(2108-20 +333,000 + 4187 -100 +2,2556,000 +1996-35) or, Q 50(42160+333,000 +418700 2,256,000+ 69860) or. Q 155986000 Joules or, Q 155.986 x106 Joules


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