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How much heat is needed to heat up 36 kg of hydrogen gas from 12.0C to 48.0C? 


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The specific heat capacity for a given chemical substance or a solution refers to the amount of the heat that is required to increase the temperature of a given substance or system per unit of its mass. The mathematical relationship between specific heat capacity, mass, change in temperature and the heat of the solution is given by the following equation:


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q=mxcxAT q is the amount of heat or energy released or absorbed during the reaction m is the mass of the given substance c is the specific heat capacity AT is the change in the temperature of the system

Step 2

The initial temperature is given to be 12 oC=285.15K.

The final temperature is given to be 48oC=321.15 K.

The mass of hydrogen gas is given to be 36 kg=36000 g.

The specific heat capacity ...


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q=mxcxAT q=mxcx(Tinal-Tnital =36000.0 gx14.304 J/g Kx(321.15 K-285.15 K) -18537984 J 18537.984 kJ


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