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I am having trouble finding the median. Would you be able to simplify it for me?


I am having trouble finding the median. Would you be able to simplify it for me? 

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Hey there! Thank you for posting the question. As you have not given any particular...

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Q: You study for an exam, but due to the fact that you waited too long, you only learn 40% of the mater...

A: Part (a):If a question is such that the answer is not known to the student, then they would depend u...


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Q: The question is, for the following scores find the mean, median, sum of squared deviations, variance...

A: The mean of the data is calculated as follows:


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A: Sample Space:A set of outcomes of an experiment is called an event. Thus, a sample space contains se...


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A: In statistics, variance is the average squared distance of each data points from the population mean...


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A: We are given,X = test taker score = 58.40 


Q: can you prove E(x^2) = Var(x)+[E(x)]^2 ?

A: Variance:The expected squared difference between a random variable and the mean can be termed as var...


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A: The formula for the sample size is as follows:

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