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If the sample size is increased and the standard deviation and confidence level stay the same, then the margin of error will also be increased.

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Step 1

Margin of error:

The margin of error helps in constructing confidence intervals, which gives a range of plausible values for the population parameter. Margin of error is nothing but a range of values above and below the value of sample statistic.

For example, the formula of margin of error for sample mean of z-test is given below.


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Margin of error z° where, z is the critical value of the test and is the standard deviation of the test

Step 2

Properties of Margin of error:

Some of the properties of margin of error is as follows:

  • The margin of error value gets smaller as n (sample size) tends to infinity.
  • Higher the value of level of significance, higher the margin of error.
  • Higher the standard...

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