if x < 5
if x 8
(, 0) U [5, o)
(0, 0) U (0, 5] U (8, o)
(-00, 0) U (0, 5) U [8, o)
(5, 8]
(-0, 5) U [8, o)
Evaluate f(-6) and f(9).
Transcribed Image Text

if x < 5 f(x) X if x 8 (, 0) U [5, o) (0, 0) U (0, 5] U (8, o) (-00, 0) U (0, 5) U [8, o) (5, 8] (-0, 5) U [8, o) Evaluate f(-6) and f(9). f(-6) f(9)

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