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if you mix 10 liters of pure water with 15 liters of a 30% alcohol solution, what is the concentration of the resulting mixture?


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Step 1

It is given that 15 litres of a 30% alcohol solution is diluted with 10 litres of pure water. We need to find the concentration of diluted mixture.

Step 2

Let x be the concentration of alcohol in the diluted mixture.


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amount of alcohol in water conc.of alcohol in pure water X volume of water = 0(10) amount of alcohol in 30% alcohol solution conc. of alcohol in solution X volume of solution пс. = 0.3(15) amount of alcohol in resulting mixture conc. of alcohol in resulting mixture х volume of тіxture = - x(1015)

Step 3

We know th...


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The sum of amount of alcohol in pure water and 30% alcohol solution is equal to the amount of alcohol in diluted mixture 0(10) 0.3(15) = x(10 15) 04.5 25x 4.5 0.18 18% X= 25


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