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I'm a crystal of silver, four atoms occupy the volume of a cube that is 0.409 no per side. Taking the density of silver to be 10.5 g/cm^3, calculate the number of atoms in one mole of silver. 

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Step 1


Edge length  = 0.409 nm

Density = 10.5

Calculate the number of atoms in one mole of silver ?

Step 2


Find the volume:

Volume of a cub = a 3

                                   = ( 0.409 nm ) 3

                                   = ( 0.409 nm X 10 -7 cm ) 3

                                   = 6.84 X 10-23 cm 3

Hence, Volume of the cube = 6.84 X 10-23 cm 3

Step 3

Find the density:

Density = mass / volume

Mass = density X volume

           = 10.5 g/ cc  X  6.84 X 10-23 cm 3


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