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In a shipment of 15 room air conditioners , there are 3 with defective thermostat. Two air conditioners will be selected at random and inspected. Find the probability thatA) the first is defectiveB) both are defectiveC) exactly one is defective.


In a shipment of 15 room air conditioners , there are 3 with defective thermostat. Two air conditioners will be selected at random and inspected. Find the probability that
A) the first is defective
B) both are defective
C) exactly one is defective.

Step 1

Given that there are 15 room air conditioners.

Defective thermostats = 3

Two airconditioners are selected at random.

We need to find probability that first is defective.

Probability of first one is defective = total number of defective thermostat/total air conditioners.

Probability that first one is defective = 3/15 = 1/5=0.2

Step 2

Probability that first one is defective = 1/5 or 0.2

Given that first one is defective there are 2 defective thermostat left and total of 14 air conditioners left. So probability of drawing second thermostat defective = 2/14.

So probability ...

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