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Create a function called checkSquares. It should take in two numbers bottom and top. It should output to the console any numbers in the range from bottom to top that are perfect squares. So if you take in 5 to 20 it should output 9 and 16 to the console.

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Step 1

The checkSquares function is created in C++ that will take two numbers as a bottom number and a top number and will produce the perfect squares within the range of those two numbers.

Step 2

The following C++ program will print the perfect squares within the given range of numbers.

#include <bits/stdc++.h>

using namespace std;  

int checkSquares(int a, int b)


    // check through all numbers

    for (int i = a; i <= b; i++)

        // Check whether the current number 'i' is a perfect square

        for (int j = 1; j * j <= i; j++)

            if (j * j == i)

             cout<<j*j<<"\n";    // print the perfect squares           



// Main code

int main()


    int a = 5, b = 20;

   cout << "Perfect squares in the given range are:\n ";

    checkSquares(a, b);

    return 0;    


Step 3

In the given program, checkSquares function is defined firstly. Within the function definition part, all the numbers are traversed to check whether the number is a perfect square or not. If it is a perfect...

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