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In Exercise identify which of these types of sampling is used: random, systematic, convenience, stratified, or cluster.

Highway Strength The New York State Department of Transportation evaluated the quality of the New York State Throughway by testing core samples collected at regular intervals of one mile.


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Random sampling:

It is a type of sampling where all the subjects to be included in the sample were given an equal chance of being selected. If there are n subjects, then each subject would have a chance of 1/n for being selected in the sample.

Systematic sampling:

In this type of sampling a random number k is selected and sample units are taken at regular intervals from k. Suppose k is 3, the first sample unit is the 3rd subject, 2nd sample unit is the 6th subject and so on.

Convenience sampling:

In this sampling method the subjects are selected as per the researcher’s convenience. For example, a researcher may select the first 20 customers leaving a supermarket for his survey.

Stratified sampling:

This type of sampling is used when the population to be sampled is heterogeneous, the heterogeneou...

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