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Liquid octane


will react with gaseous oxygen


to produce gaseous carbon dioxide


and gaseous water


. Suppose 8.00 gof octane is mixed with 18. g of oxygen. Calculate the maximum mass of carbon dioxide that could be produced by the chemical reaction. Be sure your answer has the correct number of significant digits.


Expert Answer

Step 1

The balanced reaction between octane and oxygen is written below.

2C8H18+25O2 → 16CO2+18H2O

The mass, 228.46 g of octane reacts with 800 g of oxygen. Thus, the amount of oxygen required by 8.0 g of octane is calculated in equation (1).

Thus, 8.0 g of octane requires 28.01 g of oxygen. The given amount of oxygen is  18.0 g . Therefore, oxygen is present in excess and the limiting reagent is octane.


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800 gx8.0g т- (1) 228.46 g - 28.01 g

Step 2

According to the balanced reaction, 228.46 g of octane reacts with 704 g of carbon dioxide.

The ...


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704g8.0 g т 228.46 g (2) = 24.6 g


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