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Look up the density of liquid water at 25.0 degrees C. What mass of water will occupy 250L at 25.0 degrees C? Give your answer in kg.


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Step 1

The term density is defined as the ratio of mass to the volume of given substance. The mathematical formula is shown below:


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D= V Here D is the density of the substance m is the mass of the substance Vis the volume of the substance

Step 2

The density of liquid water at 25oC is 997.0479 kg/m3.

The volume of water at 25oC is given to be 250 L.

The volume in m3 can be calculated as shown below:


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1 L 0.001 m3 250 L-250 x 0.001 m3 0.25 m3

Step 3

The mass of liquid water at 25oC is ca...


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Mass VolumexDensity =0.25 mx997.0479 kg/m3 = 249.26 kg


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