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Meiosis (page 1)CelL MembraneNuclear MembraneDNA Synthesis: makeduplicated chromosomesMetaphase PlateIMetaphase IProphase I


Can you guys complete this diagram for me? The instructions are “To draw the chromosomes when appropriate and separate the chromosome pairs or the chromatids at the correct stages. The two long chromosomes are a homologous pair and the two short chromosomes are a homologous pair (the thickness of the line indicates which parent the chromosomes cane from-thin for mom and thick for dad. Note that you have only one of each thickness with each homologous pair. Feel free to use a color scheme instead of thickness as you draw, but you need to keep one long and one short chromosome the same color and the second long and short chromosomes a second color so that crossing over can be visualized easily.”

Meiosis (page 1)
CelL Membrane
Nuclear Membrane
DNA Synthesis: make
duplicated chromosomes
Metaphase Plate
Metaphase I
Prophase I

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Meiosis (page 1) CelL Membrane Nuclear Membrane DNA Synthesis: make duplicated chromosomes Metaphase Plate I Metaphase I Prophase I

Step 1

Meiosis is a special type of cell division that leads to the reduction of chromosome number. O...

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