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Monochromatic light falls on a screen 1.75 m from two slits separated by 2.10 mm. The first - and second - order bright fringes are separated by 0.552 mm. What is the wavelength of the light?


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The wavelength of the light falls on a screen from two slits is,


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Дуd D(m, - т)

Step 2

Here, Δy is the distance between the first and second bright fringe, d is the distance between the slits, D is the screen distance, m1 is ...


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0.001m 0.001m |(2.10mm (0.552 mm) Imm 1mm (1.75 m )(2 – 1) (0.000552m)(0.002 1m) (1.75 m) = 6624×10-1º m


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