Multiply the algebraic expression using a Special Product Formula, and simplify.

(3y - 1)2

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A:            Factoring :                                A factor of any given expression is described ...

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A: Rationalize the denominator.          15-3  

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A: Given expression: 8x2+10x+3

Q: If A = 4x2 – 3x + 2, B = 5x2- 6x – 3 and C = x2 – x – 2. Find the value of A – B +2C.

A: Given,A= 4x2 – 3x + 2,B=5x2 - 6x – 3,C = x2 – x – 2.We have to find the value of A – B +2C.

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A: (a) Since A and B are orthogonal matrices, we have  AAT=ATA=BBT=BTB=I, where I is the n×n identity m...

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Q: Perform the addition or subtraction and simplify.

A: Given: 1+1x+3 Formula Used: a+bc=ac+bc

Q: x/2 - 3x/4= 2

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Q: Factor the sum or difference of cubes. 8a3 - 1

A: 8a3-1

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A: For simplifying the terms ,  1) Factorise the above terms . 2) then cancel the common terms from num...

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A: 1-[2-(3-x)]=4x-(6+x)

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A: Given  graph is :

Q: Find the inverse of f(x)=8−x^1/3

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Q: Multiply the algebraic expressions using the FOIL method, and simplify. (3x + 5)(2x - 1)

A: Given (3x + 5)(2x - 1)

Q: Factor the expression and simplify. (a2 + 2a)2 - (a2 + 2a) - 3

A: Given expression is  a2+2a2-a2+2a-3   We will use the identity x+y2=x2+y2+2xy We get =a22+2a2+2·a2·2...

Q: Factor out the common factor. -7x4y2 + 14xy3 + 21xy4

A: Take the common factor out from the expression.  

Q: Solve each equation. (a) x2 - 5 = 0 (b) (x - 4)2 = 5

A: (a) Use the identity a2-b2=a+ba-b to factorise the equation.

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A: The two given identities are                                                                ab=12a+...

Q: Factor the expression completely. (The type of expression arises in calculus in using the "product r...

A: Given expression is 13x+6-232x-32+x+6132x-32. To factor the given expression. Solution: Factoring th...

Q: A contractor is installing a semicircular window with a radius or 3.5 feet.

A: Answer and explanation is given below...

Q: Which of the following equations are linear? (a) + 2r = 10 (b) - 2x = 1 (c) x + 7 = 5 - 3x

A: To determine which equations are linear. We know that linear equation in one variable is an equation...

Q: parts a-c

A: Given that the number of riverside sites Rt occupied by otters is modeled by exponential function Rt...

Q: Write out the first six terms of the sequence defined by the recurrence relation with the given inti...

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Q: 102. DISCUSS: Algebraic Errors Determine whether the given equation is true for all values of the va...

A: some aldebraic expressions are given, we to find it is true or not

Q: EXAMPLE 10 Rationalizing the Numerator V4 + h - 2 | Rationalize the numerator: h

A: Consider the expression: 4+h-2h  ……1

Q: Let L: R3 R2 be a linear transformation for which we know that L L L. (a) What is L -2

A: Given: L:R3→R2 be a linear transformation for which we know that  L100=2-4, L001=3-5, L001=23  

Q: Determine whether the given matrix is orthogonal. If it is, find its inverse. in given fig.

A: Determine whether the given matrix is orthogonal. If it is, find its inverse. Let  A=13121513-1215-1...

Q: Perform the addition or subtraction and simplify.

A: 1x2+1x2+x

Q: i need help with this question. thank you for your time in advance

A: In the above table  f(2) = 6 g(2)= 5 g(6) = 7 To find  gof(2) =?

Q: 2A.4.2 Please refer to the attached image for my question!

A: As we know that log 0 is undefined

Q: snip

A: abcdefghi=3