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Oasis B is 10 km due east of oasis A. Starting from oasis A, a camel walks 23 km in a direction 15.0° south of east and then
walks 33 km due north. If it is to then walk directly to B, (a) how far and (b) in what direction (relative to the positive x-axis within the range (-180°, 180°]) should it walk?


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Step 1

The camel starts from Oasis A and moves 23 km towards 23̊ south of east and 33 km towards north.


The displacement between Oasis A and Oasis B is,

Step 2

Here, vector B is the displacement between Oasis A and Oasis and OB is the distance between Oasis A and Oasis B.


The first displacement of the camel is,

Step 3

Here, vector r1 is the first displacement of the camel, r1 is the magnitude of first displacement of the camel and θ1 is the counter clockwise direction of vector r1 with e...


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