On a number line, suppose the coordinate of A is 0, and AR=7. What are the possible coordinates of the midpoint of AR?


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Coordinate Geometry

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Q: Identify the segment bisector of RT. Then find RT 7y-4 2y +6 R

A: S is the segment bisector of RT. ∴ 7y-4=2y+6 =>7y-2y=6+4 =>5y=10 =>y=2  

Q: help ?

A: If two lines in a coordinate plane are perpendicular then their slopes are negative reciprocal of ea...

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A: Given Data The equation is z=1-x-y. The density is ρ=1.   The limit of integration in first octant i...

Q: Because MON are collinear how many degrees does that measure?

A: Three or more points are said to be collinear if they lie on the same line. So basically collinear p...

Q: What is the distance to the nearest hundredth, between the following two points (-7,5) and (4,8)

A: The distance between two points (x1,y1) and (x2, y2) is given by (x2-x1)2+(y2-y1)2

Q: can someone please help ?

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Q: What kind of angle is this?

A: given,

Q: INSTRUCTIONS. Find each numbered angle from the following triangles. 2 2. 3. 1 3 121

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Q: caculate and generate the graph of following general cylinders and surfaces in three dimensions. 1.9...

A: Given equations are  1. 9x^2 + 4y^2 =36 2. z=16-x^2 3. 9x^2 + 4y^2 +z^2 =36 4. 9x^2 + 9z^2 - 4y^2 =3...

Q: Use an algebraic equation to find the measures of the two angles described below. Begin by letting x...

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Q: AB bisects CD at point M. What conclusions follow from the given information?

A: Given that AB bisects CD.

Q: How do i do this?

A: r = 150/2 = 75 mm.

Q: Femorke The minute hand of a clock moved from 12 to 4. 1t the longth of the minte hand in 3.5cm. Fin...

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Q: Insert the indicated number of arithmetic means between the given first and last                   ...

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Q: Graph the polynomial:  f(x)=x3−2x2−5x+6

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Q: Define the term 'construction of circle'?

A: Circle:  The circle is the set of points that are at equal distance from a given point. Construction...

Q: The vertices of a triangle are P(-3, 8), Q(-6, -4), and R(1, 1). What are the vertices of the image ...

A: Given, the vertices of a triangle are P(-3, 8), Q(-6, -4), and R(1, 1)  

Q: a. What is the volume of the box? Make sure to use formula and show all work.

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Q: If BD bisects LABC, MLDBC = 79°, and MLABC = (9x- 4)°, find the value of x. В

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Q: Find the slope of each line. 1)

A:   Since you have asked multiple questions, we will solve the first question for you. If you want any...

Q: Find the missing dimensions in the dimension strings below:

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Q: In triangle ABC (not shown), M is the midpoint of AB and N is the midpoint of AC.   If MN = 3x – 11 ...

A: Given: A triangle ABC with M midpoint of AB and N a midpoint of AC. MN = 3x-11 and BC = 4x+24 To Fin...

Q: Find the endpoint, B, given endpoint, A and midpoint, M. A(-4, 5) & M(3, -4)

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Q: in parallelogram ABCD, if the measure of angle A=57, which diagonal (AC or BD) would have greater le...

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Q: A ring is generated by rotating the quarter circular area about the x axis. Determine its surface ar...

A: The formula for surface area of torus   S = circumference of big circle  * circumference of small ci...

Q: 6. Find "x" x-8 D -12 + 2x F 10

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Q: Whats the measure of rst

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Q: #13 please

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Q: Complete the following Truth Table p q p ∧ q T T (a) T F (b) F T (c) F F (d)

A: If p, q are two statement  Then  p∧q is denoted as p and q.

Q: I sent over a questions a couple of days ago to get help finding the missing dimensions of the attac...

A: From the given figure, R represents the radius of that semicircle part

Q: Reflect , −78 across the y-axis. Then reflect the result across the x-axis. What are the coordinates...

A: Given point (-7, 8)  

Q: Need help

A: We have to find the reflection of the given figure about the line x = -2.

Q: 4. Story Problem: A tabletop is in the shape of a trapezoid and has an area of 1008 square inches. T...

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Q: I

A: 12) In the first graph, M is the segment bisector of XY. Since the length of MY is 7, thus the lengt...

Q: Need answer for question number 2.

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Q: For the vector arrangement presented determine: -Express each vector on its cartesian form. -Determi...

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Q: What Venn diagram shows the relationship between each of the following pairs of basic ideas.  ______...

A: i) when two lines intersects at a point, then they are called intersecting lines. After intersection...

Q: A certain field is a rectangle with a perimeter of 1026 feet. The length is 183 feet more than the w...

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Q: Derive the formula dy 1 dx 1 + x? for the derivative of y = tanx by differentiating both sides of th...