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Q: AB and CD are diameters of the circle centered at O. Prove that lines AD and BC are parallel. (Your ...

A: Solution: To prove AD and BC parallel, we will use corresponding angle property.First, we will draw ...


Q: Question: (12x 8)9 (4x 6)° (7x- 6)° Find the value of x Find the value of x.

A: Since, in a triangle, we know the rule that: "the external angle of a triangle is equal to the sum o...


Q: The image of polygon MNOP after a similarity transformation is polygon WXYZ. Each side of MNOP is 2 ...

A: The ratio of corresponding sides of WXYZ and MNOP is 1/2 because :Each side of MNOP is 2 times as lo...


Q: C2 C1 IM

A: The  distance between the two centers of the two circles C1 and C2  is 10 cm  andboth the circles ha...


Q: Imagine you are planning to use circles to visually compare the populations of California (38,800,00...

A: Area of the circle with radius r is given by:Given radius for New York is 6cm. So the area is given ...


Q: Find the equation of a line passing through point (3,-2) and perpendicular to the line 2x + 3y + 4-0...

A: To find slope of the given line, we express it in a standard form, y = mx + c, we get:


Q: What are two formulas for finding the area of a square?

A: Case 1: If the length of the side is given, then the formula to find the area is                  Ar...


Q: What is the fomula for the volume of a sphere?

A: A sphere is a set of points in space that are a given distance r from the center.


Q: A survey asked buyers whether color, size,or brand influenced their choice of cellphone. The results...

A: Here given information about a survey which asked buyers whether color, size,or brand influenced the...


Q: If six is subtracted from three times a number , the difference is twice the number. What is the num...

A: According to the given information3x - 6 = 2x


Q: 2. 15 3. 32

A: So here we are given a right angled traingle as shown in the figure provided below : 


Q: Find the length between each pair of points.(-1, 6) and (7, 2)

A: Formula used: 


Q: I 17 in 8 in 24 in

A: Now we have CD=8, DB = 24 and AD = 17 


Q: 26. Find the area of the shaded region. 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

A: We have 


Q: 18. V-6144π units' 16

A: Formula used: 

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