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On January 1, 2019, Canglon, Inc., issues 10%, 5-year bonds with a face value of $150,000 when the effective rate is 12%. Interest is to be paid semiannually on June 30 and December 31. Assume Canglon uses the effective interest method to amortize the discount.
  Prepare the journal entry to record the first interest payment on June 30, 2019.

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Step 1

First of all, we have the below information-

Face value of bonds= $150,000

Time of the bonds= 5 years 

Interest paid semi annually = therefore, 5x 2 times a year= 10 payments

Interest rate of bonds= 10%, therefore 5%  semi annually.

Effective rate or market rate of bonds= 12% , therefore 6%  semi annually.

Step 2

We shall calculate the Actual interest to be paid = 150,000 x 5% = 7500 (10 payments after every 6mnths)

Now, we shall calculate the present value of bonds and interest using the market/effective rate of 6%

We can use the present value table for $1 for calculation of bonds face value & Present value of ordinary annuity table for calculation of interest on bonds with effective rate-

Present value of Bonds of face value $150000 = 150000 x 0.5584= $83,761

Present value of interest of $ 45000 = 7500 x 7.3601= $55,200

Total present value of bonds= $ 83760 + $ 55200= $ 138961

(please note present values have been picked up from the present value and annuity tables where rate = 6% and n= 10 years 

Step 3

Using the figures arrived in step 2,  we shall now prepare the attached table. Please note- 

1. Book value in Column G & Bond discount in column E  is as per calculated in ste...


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Interest payment stated 5%x face vale Previous book value Credit balance in Accounts - Bonds Debit balance in the Book value of bonds- Interest expense market 6% x F-E 150000 150000 Amortization of bond discount C-B account - bond discount payable account Date 11039 10202 138961 Jun 30-2019 8338 838 7500 139798


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