Asked Dec 6, 2019

P (G) = .3 

P (Y) = .4

P (B) = .2

P(R) = .1

OBS.   G   Y  R  B

FREQ. 12 14 12 2 

find the test-statistics to determine this data will "FIT" the expectation


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Step 1

The test statistic for determining the fit of the data is 20.75 and it is calcula...


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(0,- E.) Expected frequency, E, = Nx p; Probability, (pi) (0,-E,) E; Obs FREQ (O) G 12 0.3 12 14 0.4 16 4 0.25 12 0.1 4 64 16 B 2 0.2 36 4.5 (0,-E,)* Σ =20.75 N=40


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Hypothesis Testing

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