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Question 24: Determine the pH for each of the following solutions:Part A: [OH−] = 1.0×10−7Part B:[H3O+]=4.1×10−3MPart C:[H3O+]=4×10−4MPart D:[OH−]=8.6×10−9M


Question 24: Determine the pH for each of the following solutions:

Part A: [OH] = 1.0×107

Part B:[H3O+]=4.1×103M

Part C:[H3O+]=4×104M

Part D:[OH]=8.6×109M

Step 1

The  is a unit of measure which describe the degree of alkanity or acidity of a solution.

A solution may be acidic and basic depends on relative strength of anions as an acid or base. Anions and cations can be acidic, basic and netural. if Acidic the pH value is less than seven , if basic the  pH value is more than seven and if netural the pH value is equal to seven .

Step 2

pH by definition is the negative logar...


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