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Red-green color blindness is an X-linked recessive disorder. A woman with normal vision whose father was colorblind has children with a man with normal color vision. What is the probability that their first child will be colorblind?

A) 1/4

B) 1/2

C) 3/4

D) 0

E) 1


Expert Answer

Step 1

Color blindness is the decreased ability to see differences in color. Males are more likely to be color blind than females, as the genes responsible for color blindness is mostly on the X chromosome.

Step 2

Red-green color blindness is an X-linked recessive disorder. In the given problem, the father of the woman was colorblind. His genotype must be X+Y as the disease is present on the X chromosome. The woman will receive one X chromosome from her father and one X chromosome from her mother. So, even if her mother is normal, the woman will receive one X chromosome from her father which carries the disease. Therefore, the woman will be a carrier of the disease and will have the genotype XX+. The man is with normal color vision and so will have the genotype XY. The Punnett square is as follows:  


Image Transcriptionclose

х X* х XX XX* (nomal) (carrier) Y XҮ X'Ү (diseased) (normal)

Step 3

The offsprings produced will include normal female (XX), carrier female (XX+), normal male (XY) and colorblind male (X+Y). Therefore, the...

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