Room temperature:   294.0 KBarometric pressure:   763.0 mmHgVapor of water:   18.6 mmHgVolume of O2 collected:   65.50 mLDensity of H2O2:   1.01 g/mL% Composition H2O2:   3.02 %Volume of H2O2 used:   5.00 mLLetter of the unknown solution of H2O2:   CVolume of O2 collected for the unknown:   53.00 mLCalculate the corrected barometric pressure.

Asked Nov 11, 2019

Room temperature:   294.0 K

Barometric pressure:   763.0 mmHg

Vapor of water:   18.6 mmHg

Volume of O2 collected:   65.50 mL

Density of H2O2:   1.01 g/mL

% Composition H2O2:   3.02 %

Volume of H2O2 used:   5.00 mL

Letter of the unknown solution of H2O2:   C

Volume of O2 collected for the unknown:   53.00 mL

Calculate the corrected barometric pressure.


Expert Answer

Step 1

Given that,

Barometric pressure = 763mmHg

Vapour pressure = 18.6 mmHg

Step 2

Now you calculate the correct...

corrected barometric pressure=barometric presssure-vopour pressure
763 mmHg-18.6 mmHg
=744.4 mmHg

Image Transcriptionclose

corrected barometric pressure=barometric presssure-vopour pressure 763 mmHg-18.6 mmHg =744.4 mmHg


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