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Sampling Method The patients included in the study cited in Exercise 1 were those “who sought care for low-back pain directly or in response to a community advertisement.” What type of sampling best describes the way in which the 1643 subjects were chosen: simple random sample, systematic sample, convenience sample, stratified sample, cluster sample? Does the method of sampling appear to adversely affect the quality of the results?


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Step 1

A study was conducted to test the effectiveness of the treatment (paracetamol) for lower back pain. Also, 1,643 patients were randomly assigned to three different groups for testing the effectiveness. These patients responded to a community advertisement.

Simple random sampling:

If a sample of n subjects is selected, then every unit in the population has an equal chance of being selected into the considered sample. Then, it is termed as simple random sampling.

Systematic sampling:

Systematic sampling involves first considering a starting point for selecting the sample and then selects every  unit in the population.

Convenience sampling:

The convenience sample is taken using subjects that are easily available to be considered into the sample.

Stratified sampling:

In stratified sampling, the whole population is divided into two or more different subgroups, based on their characteristics. Then, from each subgroup, the units are selected and the required sample is drawn.

Step 2

Cluster sampling:

In cluster sampling, the whole population is divided into different sections or clusters. From these sections, some are randomly selected and all the subjects from the selected sections are taken into the sample.

In this survey, the patients (respondents) have themselves participated based on their own int...

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