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Show the hexadecimal representation for the phrase "  University of Akron."


Expert Answer

Step 1

Conversion steps:

  • Initially, write the ASCII value of each character in the phrase in binary representation.
  • Finally, convert the binary representation of each character to its hexadecimal representation.
Step 2

Hexadecimal representation of “ University of Akron.”: 

The Hexadecimal representation ...


Image Transcriptionclose

Characters in the phrase| ASCII value| Hexadecimal value Space 32 20 55 U 85 110 6E i 105 69 118 76 V 101 65 е 114 72 115 73 i 105 69 116 74 121 79 у Space 32 20 111 6F f 102 66 Space 32 20 А 65 41 k 107 6B 114 72 111 6F 110 6E 46 2E


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