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Simplify the expression4 (10 n to the power 2 - 2) -5 (8 n to the power 2 + 4)


Simplify the expression

4 (10 n to the power 2 - 2) -5 (8 n to the power 2 + 4)

Step 1

The given expression is

4(10n2 2) 5(8n2 + 4)

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4(10n2 2) 5(8n2 + 4)

Step 2

Simplifying the e...

4(10n2 2)5(8n2 + 4)
- 40n2 8 40n2 - 20
= -28

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4(10n2 2)5(8n2 + 4) - 40n2 8 40n2 - 20 = -28


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