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Small quantities of oxygen gas are generated in the laboratory by the following reaction in the presence of MnO2:

2KCLO3(s)——> 2KCl(s)+3O2(g)

What volume of oxygen is collected over water @ 25 degrees C by reaction of 0.750 g potassium chlorate if the corrected barometric pressure is 0.996atm? (Vapor pressure of water at 25 degrees C is 23.8 torr) 


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Step 1

The given mass of potassium chlorate can be converted into moles:


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Given, mass of KC10, =0.750g molar massof KC1O,=122.55 g/mol mass molesof KC10, =. molar mass 0.750 g 122.55g/mol =0.00612 mol

Step 2

The moles of oxygen produced can be calculated as follows:


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2 KCIO3(,) →2KC1, +30e 2 mol of KC10, produces 3 mol of O, 0.00612 mol of Kcio, produces x mol of O, 3 mol of O, x=0.00612 molof KC1O, × 2 molof KC10, =0.00918 mol O,

Step 3

The pressure of oxygen ca...


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Given, Temperature=25°C=298K total pressure=0.996 atm pressure of water=23.8 torr=0.0313 atm Pressure of O, =total pressure-pressure of water =0.996 atm -0.0313 atm =0.965atm


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