State the Second Derivative Test

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Applications of Derivative

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A: Since you have posted a question with multiple sub-parts, we will solve only first three sub-parts f...

Q: Prove that if two linear subspaces only the zero vector. are orthogonal, their intersection consists...

A: Statement: Prove that if two linear subspaces are orthogonal, their intersection consists of only th...

Q: Use the graph of y = f(x) to graph the function g(x) = f(x - 1)

A: Given: To Graph: g(x)=f(x-1)

Q: Find the derivative of the transcendental function. f(t) =  cos(t)/t

A: Use the quotient rule of differentiation f(t)=costtf'(t)=tdcostdt-costdtdtt2       = -tsint-costt2  

Q: Find the exact value of the expression cos 105°

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Q: Simplify : (x/4 - 1) / (x - 4)

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Q: A) Replace the polar equation r2 sin20 = 2 with equivalent the Cartesian equation %3D

A: Given: The polar equation r2sin2θ=2, To find: Equivalent cartesian equation.

Q: Find the derivative of the function using the definition of derivative. g(x) = V9 - x g'(x) = State ...

A: Find the derivative for the function g (x). gx=9−xddxgx=ddx9−x  g'x=-129−xHence,  g'x=-129−x

Q: Solutions in IR.2 Jn Problems 8 match the systems of twolinear equations in two variables with the f...

A: The system of two linear equation in two variables is x-2y=6 and -3x+6y=12. Solve  x-2y=6 for y. Sub...

Q: f and g are functions of time, and at time t = 2, f equals 2 and is rising at a rate of 6 units per ...

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Q: What kind of discontinuity does f(x) = sin have at x = 2? oscillating no discontinuity jump O infini...

A: An oscillating discontinuity exists when the values of the function appear to be approaching two or ...

Q: Find (f ∘ g)(x) and the domain (using interval notation)   Find (g ∘ f)(x) and the domain (using int...


Q: Expand and evaluate the given sum:

A: ∑k=47-2k-5 On expanding, we get ∑k=47-2k-5=-24-5+-25-5+-26-5+-27-5

Q: Jolene invests her savings in two bank accounts, one paying 496 and the other paying 9% interest pe ...

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Q: Calculus Question

A: “Since you have asked multiple questions in a single request, we will be answering only the 1st ques...

Q: Trigonometric substitutions Evaluate the following integrals using trigonometric substitution.

A: Given: ∫x3x2-1632dx, x<-4, To evaluate: The given integral using trigonometric substitution.

Q: Find the difference quotient for each function. Simplify and be sure to cancel the original "h". f(x...

A: Consider the function, fx=1x2 The difference quotient for the function is given by the formulas, fx+...

Q: Use the graphs of {an} and {bn} to find the shown indicated sum.

A: From the graph of the sequence bn, b1=4b2=2b3=0b4=-2b5=-4

Q: Find the area of the given region. y = x + sin x

A: Given shaded region by pink color, between y = x + sin x and x-axis in the interval 0 to π is:  

Q: Find the marginal profit for producing x units. P = -0.15x2 + 8000x – 1,050,000 dP dollars per unit ...

A: Given: Differentiate ‘P’ with respect to ‘x’

Q: Determine whether the improper integral diverges or converges. Evaluate the integral if it converges...

A: Given definite integral is ∫0elnx2dx.    

Q: Calculus Question

A: Given graph is, a)From the given graph, when x approaches to 3 from left side , f(x) approaches to ...

Q: An equation that considers both the above assumptions is dP P kP(1 M - dt

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Q: A plane flies 1.4 hours at 120 mph on a bearing of 20°. It then turns and flies 3.8 hours at the sam...

A: Let the starting point be A , turning point be C and the final point be B. The line Am and line Cn a...

Q: What is  the Dirichlet ruler function?

A: The Dirichlet ruler function is: Suppose y is any rational number, then y can be written as in the u...

Q: Find the volume of the region enclosed by the cylinder x2 + y2 = 4 and the planes z = 0 and y + z = ...

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Q: How do I solve

A: Consider the graph if the function:      

Q: intervals on which the function is increasing, decreasing,or constant; and the missing function valu...

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Q: Find the marginal cost for producing x units. ( C = 100(9 + 3/x) dC dollars per unit dx II

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Q: Σ 2" +3 = 36 33. 3n

A: To show that ∑n=-1∞2n+33n=36

Q: caluclate if they exist, state wich part of function are using throughout. 24 – 4x if r4 (a) F(4)- (...

A: "As per authoring guidelines, the first three sub-parts of the question is answered. Please repost t...

Q: Factor and simplify algebraic expression. (x + 5)-1/2 -  (x + 5)-3/2

A: The given algebraic expression is x+5-12-x+5-32

Q: Calculus Question

A: Given rt=t2i+2tj-423t32k. Then vt=drdt=2ti+2j-22t12k. To find the t at which v(t) and the plane x + ...

Q: Consider the function g(t) = 2t2 – 2t.

A: g(t) = 2t² −2tdifferentiate with respect to t,g'(t) =4t -2 Therefore g'(t) =0⇒ 4t−2=0⇒4t=2⇒t=2/4⇒t=1...

Q: Let θ be an angle in standard position. Name the quadrant, tan θ > 0 and sec θ > 0, in which θ...

A: We know that, In first quadrant all six trigonometric functions are positive. In second quadrant sin...

Q: Use the graphs of {an} and {bn} to find the shown indicated sum.

A: given: the graphs of an and bn . the expression is: ∑ai2i=15+∑i=15bi2  

Q: Solve the initial-value problem.

A: Given, the initial value problem                                   We have to find the solution to ...

Q: find the derivative of the transcendental function y=4e^x/x^2+9

A: y=4exx2+9

Q: Rationalize the denominator. 11 / (√7 - √3)

A: It is given that 117-3.

Q: find the derivative of the function  h(x)=ln(4x^2+3)

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Q: Evaluate composite function

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Q: Find the average rate of change of the function from x1 to x2 : f(x) = x2 + 2x from x1 = 3 to x2 = 5

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Q: Find the indefinite integral

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Q: Find the derivative of f(x) = ln∣cos x∣.


Q: Find the reference angle for the angle 565°

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Q: Determine whether the statement (shown) is true or false. If the statement is false, make the necess...

A: Consider the given statement ∑i=12-1i2i=0. Compute the left hand side of the equation as follows:   ...

Q: A die is rolled. Find the probability of getting a number greater than 4.

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Q: Evaluate the integral. ∫0 π/2 Sin7 θ Cos 5θ  dθ


Q: Evaluate the limit. lim     e2/(x-3)x  →3-

A: To evaluate the limit   limx→3-e2x-3

Q: Enough curiosities involving the Fibonacci sequence exist to warrant a flourishing Fibonacci Associa...

A: Consider the fact that the shells of the snail follow the Fibonacci series, then in the same manner ...