Asked Nov 4, 2019
Steroid hormones ________.
are water soluble
bind to receptors in the plasma membrane
begin their action outside the membrane
usually diffuse through the plasma membrane into target cells

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Step 1

The hormones are the class of signalling molecules that are produced by the endocrine glands of multicellular organism. It is usually secreted directed into the blood which carries them to target organ at distant sites. By binding to its receptor the hormone initiates the signal transduction pathway.

Step 2

Correct answer: The steroid hormones usually diffuse through the plasma membrane into the target cells.

Reason for correct answer:

Option.D is given as ‘usually diffuse through the plasma membrane into target cells’

The steroid hormones are the fat soluble hormones that contain its receptor in the cytoplasm. Thus these hormones travel inside the target cells through plasma membrane and binds to its receptor. After binding to i...

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