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Substance A has a density of 3.20g/ml and substance B has a density of 2.41 g/ml. If substance A and substance B are both liquids which do not mix, when equal amounts of each are added to a container, which will be the top liquid?


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Step 1

Density = It may be defined as mass of a substance per unit volume.


Step 2

Here we have,

Density of substance A = 3.20 g/mL


Substance A will be 3.20 g in 1 mL of solution.


Density of substance B = 2.41 g/mL


Substance B will be 2.41 g in 1 mL of solution.

Step 3

As question says, these two substances are liquids and they do not mix with each other and we are adding equal amount of substance A and substance B in a container.

It is a fact that lighte...

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