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Suppose a simple random sample of 700 was taken from a large population. The sample had 32% successes. For a 99% confidence level, find the following, rounded to the 4th decimal place. Use your T-Table to find the margin of error.

a) How many successes were there? 
b) ˆp = 
c) ˆq = 
d) Margin of Error = 


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Step 1


Hey, since there are multiple sub-parts question posted, we will answer first three sub-parts. If you want any specific sub-part question to be answered then please submit that sub-part question only or specify the sub-part question number in your message.

Step 2

a) Number of successes:

It is given that the sample had 32% successes.

Let x denotes the number of successes.

The number of successes is obtained as 224, from the calculations given below:

Step 3

b) Computation of p-hat:

The value of p-hat is obtained as 0.32, from the...


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32 p= 100 = 0.32


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