The mean scores for students in a statistics course​ (by major) are shown below. What is the mean score for the​ class?9engineering​ majors: 905math​ majors: 9413business​ majors: 76The​ class's mean score is________​(Type an integer or a decimal rounded to two decimal places as​ needed.)

Asked Mar 6, 2019

The mean scores for students in a statistics course (by major) are shown below. What is the mean score for the class?

engineering majors: 90
math majors: 94
business majors: 76
The class's mean score is________
(Type an integer or a decimal rounded to two decimal places as needed.)

Expert Answer

Step 1

Weighted Mean:

The general formula for weighted mean is,

Step 2

The mean scores are:

x-bar i: 9, 5 and 13

The total number of engineering majors is 9, math majors are 5 and business majors are 76.

Obtain mean score for the class:

Mean class score...


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