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The value of ΔHorxn for the following reaction is -289.0 kJ/mol.

2 ZnS(s)  +  O2(g)  →  2 ZnO(s)  +  2 S(s)

Calculate the value of ΔHorxn (in kJ/mol) for:

ZnO(s)  +  S(s)  →  ZnS(s)  +  1/2 O2(g)

Your answer should have 4 significant figures.

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Step 1

The change in enthalpy of a forward and backward reaction is same in mag...

2ZnS (s)O,(g) ->2Z1O(s) + 2S (s) AH
289.0 kJ / mol

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2ZnS (s)O,(g) ->2Z1O(s) + 2S (s) AH 289.0 kJ / mol rxn


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