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Tornadoes During a recent 64-year period, New Mexico had a total of 153 tornadoes that measured 1 or greater on the Fujita scale. Let the random variable x represent the number of such tornadoes to hit New Mexico in one year, and assume that it has a Poisson distribution. What is the mean number of such New Mexico tornadoes in one year? What is the standard deviation? What is the variance?


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Step 1

Given info:

A study shows that in a recent of 64-year period, a total of 153 tornadoes that measured 1 or greater than 1 on Fujita scale in New Mexico. Assume that the random variable x as the number of such tornadoes to hit New Mexico in one year and follows Poisson distribution.

Mean of Poisson distribution:

The mean (m) of the Poisson distribution is defined as the mean number of occurrences of the given event in the given interval of time.

The mean tornadoes per year is,

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Step 2

Variance of Poisson distribution:

The variance of Poi...

Statistics homework question answer, step 2, image 1

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