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An approach to a predetermined signal has 25 seconds of effective green for a 60 second cycle. The approach volume is 500 vehicles/hour and the saturation flow rate is 1400 vehicles/hour. Calculate the average vehicle delay using D/D/1 queing. 


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Step 1

Given data:

Cycle time = 60 sec.

Effective green time = 25 sec.

Approach volume = 500 vehicles/hr.

Saturation flow = 1400 vehicles/hr.


Step 2

Step 2: calculating arrival rate.


Image Transcriptionclose

saturation flow rate arrival rate of vehicles 3600 1400 3600 =0.389 veh./sec

Step 3

Departure rate ca...


Image Transcriptionclose

volume departure rate 3600 500 3600 =0.139 veh/hr


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