Use long division to divide: (5x2 −17x −12)÷(x −4)

Use long division to divide: (6x3 −16x2 +17x −6)÷(3x −2)

Use synthetic division to divide: f (x) = 10x4 −50x3 −800 / x −6

Write the quotient in standard form: 6−7i / 1−2i

Find all rational zeros of the function f (x) = 9x4 −9x3 −58x2 +4x +24

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Q: For f(x) 1-x and g(x)= 2x +x+6, find the following functions a. (f o g)(x): b. (gof)(x); c. (fo g)2)...

A: Answer: (a): -2x^2-x-5

Q: Fill in the blank to make the expression a perfect square. 2 12y X

A: The given expression is,

Q: Factor completely 1 1 3 2 (x+ 1) 2 - (x+1)2 (x - 8) 2 (x-8)

A: To factorize the provided algebraic expression which is mentioned below,

Q: Evaluate the expression without using a calculator. log 2 log2- Enter your answer in the answer box....

A: We first use exponent rule of logarithm. The exponent becomes coefficient. 

Q: Find the vertical asymptotes, if any, and the values of x corresponding to holes, if any, of the gra...

A: Calculation:Simplify the given function as follows.

Q: Determine the domain of the function f (x) = 1 − x.

A: The domain of f(x)=1-x is the possible values of x.

Q: I am having difficulty with problems involving piecewise. Can I be helped in a step-by-step tutoring...

A: Piecewise functions are: pieces of different functions (sub-functions) all on one graph. The easiest...

Q: The following equation is given. x3-3x-4x+12=0 X a. List all rational roots that are possible accord...

A: a. Find the possible rational roots.

Q: Solve the equation by factoring. Please explain how you did your work. 4x2+11x-45=0.

A: We have to compare 4x^2+11x-45=0 with ax^2+bx+c. So, a=4 , b= 11 , c = -45. In ax^2+bx+c form we hav...