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Use the tables to evaluate:
a) (Ug)(-1)
b) (f o g)00)
e) g-0)
x-1 0 1 2
g(x) 2 10 1
x-1 0 1 2

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Use the tables to evaluate: a) (Ug)(-1) b) (f o g)00) e) g-0) 7) x-1 0 1 2 g(x) 2 10 1 x-1 0 1 2

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Step 1



Compute the value of (fg)(-1) as follows.

(fg)(-1) = f(-1) × g(-1)                               ... (1)

From the given table, the value of f(-1) and g(-1) are observed to be 3 and 2, respectively.

Now substitute f(-1) = 3 and g(-1) = 2 in equation (1).

(fg)(-1) = 3 × 2

(fg)(-1) = 6.

Step 2


Compute the value of (f ⸰ g) (0) as follows.

Step 3


Compute the value of g-1(1) as follows.

Assume that g-1(1) = x. Then g(x) =1.

From the given table the value of g(x)...

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