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Vanadium tetrachloride (VCl4 ) is a bright red colored liquid with a vapor pressure of 5x10-2 torr at 298K.What is the expected orbital angular momentum in the ground state of VCl4(g) ?


Vanadium tetrachloride (VCl) is a bright red colored liquid with a vapor pressure of 5x10-torr at 298K.

What is the expected orbital angular momentum in the ground state of VCl4(g) ?

Step 1

The orbital angular momentum of electron inn a given orbital is calculated by using the following equation,

Step 2

The given compound is VCl4 (g).

Here, Vanadium ion is in V4+ state.

The electronic configuration of V 0 is [Ar] 3d34s2

The electronic configuration of V 4+ is [Ar] 3d14s0

The azimuthal quantum number for V 4+ is calculated by below method,

The lase electron filled in 3d orbital so l =n-1. Therefore l = 3-1 = 2.

       S  P  D  F  G   H

L  =  0   1  2  3  4   5

Step 3

Hence, substitute the l value in above equation we get the an...


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