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Volume (L) 10.0 50.0 75.0 100.0
Temperature (K) 319.2 326.1 330.4 334.1

The data above indicates that volume will be on the x-axis. If the graph paper is 15 boxes wide by 20 boxes high. What increments will be appropriate for the X-axis?

a) 5

b) 0.3

c) 0.5



Expert Answer

Step 1

In the plotting of any set of variables, consider the height and length of the graph paper to decide the maximum increments.

For plotting graph for the given values of volume and temperature, the temperature has to be plotted on y-axis and volume will be on the x-axis as given.

The x-axis is considered as width and y-axis as length.

According to the given data, the graph will have 15 boxes (width) on x-axis and 20 boxes on y-axis (length).

The given values of volume ranges from 10 to 100.

To determine the appropriate increments for the x-axis, find the range of temperature and divide it by 15 (the given number of boxes that indicates the height of graph).

Step 2

Therefore, 6 is not given in the options, so that we can make a graph by taking a 10 values for a 1 box, it will starts from 0 to 100 in x axis.

On plotting the graph with options (a), (b), an...

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