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What are the best ways to find the standard deviation?


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Step 1

Standard deviation is a measure of variability. It describes how far the data falls from the mean.

Steps for calculating the standard deviation for any data set is given below:

  • Compute the mean of the data set. For every data value, the deviation from the mean is calculated. It is obtained by subtracting the mean from the data value. That is,

Deviation from mean= Data value – mean

  • Find the squares of deviations from mean.
  • Add all squares of deviations from the mean.
  • Divide the obtained sum by the total number of data values minus 1.
  • The standard deviation is the square root of this quotient.

Thus, the formula for standard deviation is,

Step 2

Here, ∑ means “sum of”, x is a value in the data set, x-bar is the mean of the data set, and n is the number of data values in the sample.

Step 3

The above formula gives the standard deviation for a sample. If you are dealing with population, it will be required to use sligh...


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