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What do you need to look for in bivariate screening (for each categorical and quantative variables)?


What do you need to look for in bivariate screening (for each categorical and quantative variables)?

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Bivariate analysis helps to determine the relationship of two variables. The possible combinations of two variables are: Categorical vs categorical, Quantitative vs quantitative, and Quantitative vs categorical.

Step 2

Most common thing that need to be look for in bivariate screening:

  • The nature of relationship between two variables. The two variables might be dependent or independent.
  • Identification of type of variables:
    • Categorical vs categorical: chi-square test is used to determine the association between two variables.
    • Quantitative vs quantitative: scatterplot is the useful graphical representation of the relationship between two variables.
    • Quantitative vs categorical: bar graph and box plot is used to visualize the relation between two variables.
  • Statistical significance and t...

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