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what elements in everyday life involve chemistry?


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A chemical element refers to a substance whose atoms have the same number of protons or same atomic number. They are the simplest chemical substances which cannot be further be broken down by the use of chemical reactions. When different number and types of chemical elements they result in the formation of a wide range of chemical compounds which have a large number of applications.

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Chemistry is a huge part of the lives of human beings as well as all other living creatures. Anyone can find chemistry in the food they eat, the air they breathe, cleaning chemicals as well as almost every object that one touches or see. A single element is able to form multiple number of substances having different structures and they are also known as the allotropes of the given element.

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There are many examples of the applications of chemistry that one can encoynter in their daily lives.

The process of digestion is a biochemical process which contains certain chemical and biochemical reaction occurring simultaneously that results in the breakage of the food molecules as ...

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