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What is born Cancer




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Since there is nothing called born cancer, we are assuming that you wanted to ask abo...

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Q: What are the similarities and differences between Flagella and Cilia?

A: Living cells have different organelles present inside as well as on the periphery of the cell. The o...


Q: ) Differentiate between the various types of blood vessels structurally and functionally.

A: The circulatory system is a vital system in the human body. The circulatory system serves in blood f...


Q: What is the purpose of CAP and CAMP in gene regulation?

A: A wide range of mechanism carried out by the cells that act to induce or repress the synthesis of sp...


Q: what is the function of the parietal pleura, visceral pleura, lobes of the lungs, alveoli, pulmonary...

A: Lungs are considered as the major organs of the respiratory system. Lungs are a pair of air-filled o...


Q: the shape of a DNA molecule is a double helix. what makes up the outer regions of the molecule and t...

A: DNA possesses a double helical structure that looks like a twisted ladder. Two helices of DNA run in...


Q: Where does mRNA attach to a ribosome to make a protein? In the Cytosol or in the rough ER?

A: The ribosome is a non-membranous structure found in the cytoplasm of the cell. It is the core organe...


Q: Although coral polyps can catch prey using their cnidocytes, they obtain most of their nutrition fro...

A: The Cnidarians bear cnidocytes which house cnida, that is, a giant secretory organelle. The cnidocyt...


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A: The nervous system is the network of neurons and nerve fibers that functions to transmit nerve signa...


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A: Blood is an important component of the body, that is essential for the person to survive. It circula...