Asked Jan 3, 2020

What is carbylamine reaction?Give an example


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Step 1

Carbylamines reaction is used to distinguish primary amine. Only primary...

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Organic Chemistry

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Q: Using the Woodward–Hoffmann rules, predict the stereochemical pathway for each cycloaddition: (a) a ...

A: a)[6+4] photochemical reactionThe pi bonds involved in this reaction is odd. Hence, under photochemi...


Q: Treatment of compound E (molecular formula C4H8O2) with excess CH3CH2MgBr yields compound F (molecul...

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A: a.


Q: how does ortho and para hydrogen differs ?

A: Ortho and para hydrogen differ by spin of hydrogen atoms.


Q: What steps are needed to convert but-1-ene (CH3CH2CH=CH2) to octane [CH3(CH2)6CH3] using a coupling ...

A: But-1-ene can be converted to bromobutane through following reaction.


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A: The triacylglycerol of coconut oil consists of glycerol with three molecules of lauric acid. Saturat...


Q: Marshalls acid contains a   oxide linkage b peroxide linkage c  Hydroxyl group d  all of these

A: The structure for Marshall’s acid is shown below.