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What is the molarity of NO3− in each solution?

0.140 MKNO3.

0.300 MCa(NO3)2.
0.390 MAl(NO3)3.

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The nitrate ion molarity in the solution of 0.140M potassium nitrate is


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0.140mol 0.140MKNO KNO 1L KNOK+NO 1mol of KNO 1mol of NO 0.140molof KNO =xmol of NO 1mol NO x0.140mol KNo,x 1mol KNO 0.140molNO _ moles of solute Volume (in L) Molarity 0.140mol 1L 0.140M NO Molarity of NO; in 0.140 M KNO,= 0.140 M

Step 2

The nitrate ion molarity in the soluti...


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0.300mol Ca (NO,) 0.300M Ca (NO,) 1L Ca(NO,),Ca2NO mol of Ca (NO,)=2mol of NO 0.300molof Ca (No,),=xmol of NO 2mol NO mol Ca (NO) x-0.300mol Ca (NO,), 0.600 molNO _ moles of solute Volume (in L) Molarity 0.600mol 1L -0.600 MNΟ; Molarity of NO, in 0.300 M Ca ( NO, ), = 0.600 M


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